Unleashed Startup Village

Unleashed StartUp Village (Exhibit 12B)

Meet the 10 winners; the most disruptive Vet Tech StartUps!

Unleashed is the leading startup programme, designed to bring innovation to the pet care community.

Our goal at WSAVA is to offer select startups an opportunity to provide vets and their staff with the latest technology to offer high-quality care for pets. We work with top startups all over the world, who use state-of-the art and cutting-edge technologies to bring disruptive new innovations to your workplace.

Visit the vibrant Unleashed Startup Village to meet the entrepreneurs who have given their hearts and years to the technologies that they would like present and discuss with you. Be surprised and delighted by the future technologies brought to life now, for your workplace!

Do not miss the StartUp pitches!

You are invited to join us at Unleashed Startup Village to witness the top 10 Vet Tech startups pitch their innovative ideas and technologies for advanced pet health
care in just 3 minutes. These startups were selected as winners from a highly competitive pool of applicants. Don’t miss out on this exciting event!

Date: 28th September, Thursday
Time: Coffee Break, 10h35-11h20
Where: Unleashed Startup Village (Exhibit 12B)

The 10 winners to the Unleashed Startup Village are:

Animoscope (France), www.animoscope.com
The digital veterinarian

Barkyn (Portugal), https://barkyn.com/
Meals taste better. Dogs stay younger. For a greater life together

GekkoVet (Finland), www.gekkovet.com
Bringing together professional and validated veterinary medicine science and AI-assisted algorithms to help improve the quality
and speed of clinical decision-making

knokcare (Portugal), https://knokcare.com/,
Bringing the digital health revolution to veterinary medicine

LampoVet (Italy), https://www.lampovet.com
Empowering vets with gut microbiota analysis, interpretation tools and specialist vets opinion for daily clinical practice

Petable (Portugal), https://onlinestore.vet/
Reshaping how veterinarians offer nutritional solutions to their clients and patients with a hassle free, turnkey e-commerce solution.

Pezz Life (Austria), www.pezz.life
Empowering pet parents and veterinarians with a proactive approach to healthcare decisions through at-home screening tests.

Smartsound Corp (South Korea), www.ismartsound.com
Smart stethoscope WITHaPET for early heart murmur detection with AI analysis to extend pets lifespan

Wimba (Poland), www.wimba.vet
Let’s restore pets mobility together!

Zentry (South Korea), https://zentry.kr/
Protect your pets with a wearable heart failure pet monitoring device and platform

Note: Purina has collaborations with some of the startups but no equity in any of them.

About Unleashed

Unleashed is powered by the leading pet company, Nestlé Purina. Leveraging the 800 scientific experts from Purina’s research and development powerhouse, as well as Purina’s immense geographical commercial footprint we aim to make a difference to pets, their carers and the people who own them.

We provide resources to the pet care startup community including the Unleashed Accelerator Programme, the Unleashed Pet Tech Newsletter, Community events and support to participate at important events like the WSAVA, which would otherwise be difficult for individual startups due to costs and logistics.

Of the many startups that have applied to participate at the Unleashed Startup Village, 10 top startups have been independently chosen for their innovative and disruptive services to the vet community.

Keep up to date and follow Unleashed via Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/showcase/purina-unleashed and on our website www.unleashedbypurina.com

For more information connect with Kim.bill@purina.nestle.com or Jeanne.chatelle@purina.nestle.com